Ajinomoto & The Chinese Food

It has been a pleasant three month of stay in Delhi till now. It’s amazing to experience the hostel life all over again. New friends, new project and a new challenge every day. The only bad part is the food. I have started missing mummy & appreciating her more in recent days. Really, our generation is blessed to have enjoyed the privilege of having homemade food cooked by mummy during our childhood.

One thing I noticed that, our food habits have really been changed in last ten years. We have started eating out a lot. Somehow we don’t find time to cook everyday. Forget about cooking, at times,  we don’t find time to even sit peacefully and enjoy the meal. I have heard people saying ” Time kahan hain khana khane ka “( I don’t have time to eat food). 

Junk food, chinese, burgers are our new favorite. One can see lots of Momos and chinese stands on street of Delhi. It has captured the market really well. I am a big fan of chinese food myself but believe me, we need to rethink it on the health grounds.

Previously, I never used to care for what food am I eating, from where it is coming from ? What does it contain ? Is it healthy for me or not ? This question were never used stuck me. It’s just when we started working on a documentary series on food, I came to know the dark reality of our food industry.

Chinese food and momos looks & taste yummy.  But one of the main ingredients of chinese food is ajinomoto. It is also known as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). It is used to enhance the flavor of food.

Ajinomoto side effects :

  1. Headache, sweating and nausea are common harmful effects of Ajinomoto.
  2. Excessive or regular consumption of MSG can also lead to brain damage.
  3. Having Ajinomoto can also lead to dehydration.
  4. Swelling on the face, eyes and skin tightness are few harmful effects of Ajinomoto.
  5. MSG can gradually lead to chest pain, breathing disorder and laziness.
  6. Even cold or running nose, sneezing and drowsiness are few other health disorders of MSG.
  7. Burning sensation in the stomach and throat are experienced after having Ajinomoto due to its acidic ingredient.
  8. Frequent urination, vaginal pain or swelling, prostate swelling are other harmful side effects.
  9. Bowel movements, lower abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea are common side effects.
  10. Ajinomoto can lead to muscle and joint pain especially in the knees.
  11. Ajinomoto weakens the bones and decreases calcium content in the body.
  12. Ajinomoto can cause blood pressure fluctuations. High or low blood pressure level, atrial fibrillation, palpitations and arrhythmia are dangerous side effects of having Ajinomoto.
  13. People can suffer from migraine due to MSG.

Source : https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-side-effects-of-ajinomoto-Chinese-salt

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Do we really need any more proof than this ? The internet is full of data. We know the facts but still are behaving as we don’t know a thing about it.

Food is an integral part of our life. It serves as a fuel to our body, mind & soul. But still, including me, we somehow don’t care a lot for what we truly are eating. It really is upsetting. What has happened to us guys ? Where are we heading with our lifestyle and food habits ? Why are we not asking questions to the people who make them and use them ? And importantly why are we still eating them ?

I know we all are busy with our work. I know we don’t have much option around. I know it is tough to change our habits. But believe me, it is the time.

It is the time to be aware. To ask questions. To take our health seriously. To make conscious food decision.

Take care and stay healthy 🙂




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